Release Schedule

Mates of the Morgath 0.5 – December 18th 2016

Petra and Kartoc’s story in The Alien’s Holiday Gift

What does an alien give their prospective mate for Christmas?

The Alien’s Holiday Gift is a short holiday read that will be released right in time for Christmas!

Writing Schedule

Current Project

A Million Pictures of You – 

As of today (Nov 29th) I’m working on a new contempory romance story.

An idea bit me while working on Amber Dreams and I’m running with it for now.

A Million Pictures of You has been running around in my head for a while and I started writing and just kept going!

I’m planning for it to be a full length (90,000 word) novel. At this stage I don’t know if my publisher will take it, so I’m off to write a proposal.

Planning and Outline


1st Draft


Revision and Edits


Future Projects

I don’t currently have a set writing order. The books listed are just what I have planned for the future and characters from series I would like to write about. If you have a character you’d like me to write a story for, hop on over to my contact page and let me know!

Mates of the Morgath Book 1 – 

Currently untitled, the first book in the Morgath series will be about Sedric and his lady love.

Saved – 

Saved will be the second book in the Project Destiny series. Myra is a complete contradiction and is giving me all sorts of troubles. Saved will introduce a new species that was mentioned in the beginning of Claimed.

Braent is an arrogant, demanding Lord, and I can’t wait to let Myra put him in his place!

Found – 

Found will be the third book in the Project Destiny series. You’ve met Ellie in book 1 and in book 3 she will get her own story. Currently, Found is a short story of 10,000 words, and this will form the base of the story. Just so you know, I love Ellie! Oh boy, I can’t wait to work on this one!

Arrested – 

Book 4 in the Project Destiny series, Arrested will introduce another new race of aliens from the Coalition’s sector of the universe, and will continue the story arc of the human women in space.

Fallen Star books 9-15 – 

Dom and Camari will get their own story, as well as Martis and Locan, the Fressian blood brothers (menage). Harreck and Agix will also get a book each, and I have special plans for Tarc. Linnie is also on my list to write a book for.

Urban Fantasy Trilogy

There is a short story in the Free Reads section called Witches, Bitches, and Hijacked Spells.

I’m a little in love with that story and have wanted since I wrote it to turn it into a full length book, but I’m pretty sure it would take more than one to get through all the story I have running around in my head.

So a trilogy it will be!