The Mate You Need


Book 6 of the Fallen Star Series.

Prixy has waited one hundred and twenty-six years to meet her mate, only to find Wex doesn’t want her and has no intention of bonding with her. With the arrival of her second mate and the revelation of Wex’s dark secret, she’s more determined than ever to bind their souls together.
Protecting his mate from the horror that lurks inside him is the only thing Wex can do. By refusing to mate with her, he keeps her safe even as he yearns to touch her soft skin and bind them together with his bite, but when the past catches up with him, he has nothing left to lose.
Artel wants a new life, a chance at peace, and an existence away from the suffocating control of the Cyborg Coalition. He doesn’t expect to find not one, but two mates the first day on his new home. However, he isn’t ready to mate, he isn’t ready to commit himself to two people he’s only just met, or that’s what he keeps telling himself.
Prixy does the only thing she can to keep her mates safe even knowing she will tear them apart, but danger is far closer to home than they realize. Will her sacrifice be enough to save them all?

Length: 157 pages.

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Chapter One

Waiting was always the hardest. Waiting was always the thing I hated most—waiting for the soldiers to return from their mission. I always wondered if anyone was dead or injured or how badly a person was hurt. It was always so much harder when one of those people you were waiting for was someone you cared about.
I stood beside Merty, my best friend, my eyes trained on the access port, my gaze firmly locked on the tall opening in the side of the ship, and I waited. I kept reminding myself to breathe. What good would I be to anyone if I passed out? What good would I be to Wex if he came through the portal and I was out cold on the floor?
A hand wrapped around my arm, just above the elbow, and I turned to look at Merty.
“He’ll be fine, Prixy. Wex is a good fighter. He’ll come through the portal and he’ll be fine. You’ll see.”
All I could do was nod at her. My throat was dry and my heart hammered a steady beat in my ears. I squeezed my eyes closed for a few seconds and took a deep breath, trying to find some calm.
Technically, he wasn’t even mine. Yes, he was my mate, but we’d never mated. We’d never bonded, and we’d never sealed our mating. Wex wouldn’t even talk to me.
Every time I got close to him, he just looked at me with his cold blue eyes, turned, and walked away. He never spoke, he never told me to leave him alone, and he never responded in any way. I would have given up long before now except sometimes I caught him looking at me.
His eyes were always cold, so cold they sent shivers racing down my spine and a shudder wracking its way down my body. Still, he looked. In the dining room, passing each other in the corridors, when he came to drop off or pick up his clothes from the laundry room. He looked at me, his gaze traveling over my body like he was trying to memorize what I looked like, and he didn’t shy from looking me in the eye.
Goddess, it was enough to drive a person insane!
He let me see exactly what he was, and it sent a trill of fear snaking its way down my spine every time those cold blue eyes the color of glacial ice locked with my gaze. There was something dangerous about Wex. I’d seen men with eyes like his before—cold and calculating. They were always looking for the advantage of a situation, always observing and weighing their chances in a fight.
Men who killed with no remorse had eyes like that. No emotion, no regret for the lives they took. It was just a job, a means to an end. Something they did, and not because they liked it, and not because they enjoyed it—I’d seen the eyes of men who enjoyed killing and they were filled with emotion, filled with the fierce joy they felt from taking someone’s life—but because it was a necessity.
It made Wex a formidable fighter, an asset on the mission he was on with Kesh, Shirai, and some of the crew of the Fallen Star. It was a rescue mission as unlike the missions I’d gone on, and I waited for my team mates to return.
Those missions were always about destruction and death. There were never any survivors on those missions. My gaze slid to the side to take in Merty.
Secrets and lies. That was what my life became filled with the day I was signed up to fight in a civil war I didn’t believe in. So many secrets. So many lies. Goddess knew how much I hated the lies.
I pushed the thought away as I looked around the corridor outside the access portal where the ship was connected to the Cyborg’s warship. The steady hum of the engine and the breathing of half a dozen people were the only noises in the corridor. Everyone was waiting with bated breath for the access door to slide open and our crew to return. Everyone was waiting to see if Devral survived having his implants replaced.
Manik stood beside Merty with a small bag of tools and equipment at his feet, a portable scanner in his hand, ready and waiting for the first injured person to come through the hatch—and there would be injured. Of that, there was no doubt.
You couldn’t infiltrate a cyborg warship and hope to come out unscathed. It was just a matter of how badly they were hurt.
A slight noise, more like a scraping, sent the tension level in the corridor rising to almost breaking point, then the access door started to slide back with a soft hiss.
A dark shape started to become visible until finally the great hulking form of Brylax with his white, white skin and long black hair was struggling through the too narrow doorway. Too narrow because he was carrying Devral over his shoulders, and Devral wasn’t a small man, either.
I stayed back against the wall of the corridor, away from the small staging area in front of the access portal. There was no room for extra bodies in the small area between the corridor and the access door, and from my position, I could see each person who walked through the door.
Following close behind Brylax and Devral was a man I didn’t recognize. He was dressed all in white, a long sleeved top with a small collar that circled his strong neck and white pants over sturdy black boots. Broad shoulders filled out his top, and hands with long graceful fingers hung at his sides. His skin was a warm shade of gold that caught the light and seemed to glow with an inner light of its own.
My gaze caught on his face, arrogantly handsome, with sharp cheekbones that graced a face women would want to look at for hours. A hank of dark brown hair sat over a straight forehead, and the tips just brushed his elegantly curved brows. Eyes a startling shade of green took in everything around him as he walked through the access area towards me.
I stepped aside wanting to see Wex, needing to see Wex, needing to know that he was all right, that he was safe and unhurt.
Dom, and Serran with his waist length dreadlocks and skin the color of the treat Tarnee called chocolate, came through next. Serran’s bright blue eyes looked relieved as he made his way through the access area and into the corridor towards where Manik was checking over Devral, who was still being held up by Brylax.
Two more crew came through the door, Dragel and Harreck, who had the most astounding pale pink eyes I’d ever seen. Seeing those pink eyes made one think he was soft, but he was a fierce male who was so quick with a blade, his movements were a blur.
My gaze swung from Harreck to the door to see Wex coming through. He walked straight and proud, no sign of injury, though his skin, tinted with the faintest hint of blue, looked pale. His icy blue eyes met my gaze and looked the same as they always did. They were cold, so cold my heart froze at the look he directed my way.
I felt pinned to the spot by his look, totally frozen. Goddess help me, a part of me hoped, a secret hope that I wouldn’t even acknowledge to myself, that maybe something would have changed, that being in danger would make him more inclined to converse with me, to be open to being with me.
Yet, as my hope died, something else teased at my senses. A scent that called to me and sent a ripple of pleasure shooting through my body.
I turned to find the man I didn’t know standing close to me, so close I could reach out and touch him. He was so close I could see the hint of stubble that graced his jaw, a dark shadow that ran down his neck and teased me with an image of what it would be like to have that stubble scrape across my skin.
A shiver ran down my spine as I looked up and up to meet those startling green eyes. I breathed him in and felt the rightness, the absolute certainty of it settling inside me.
This man was my mate.
I had two.

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