They designed it to be a failure. One hundred women chosen at random to join human males in space. A trial at the insistence of the Coalition or Earth will lose its position and the protection offered by being members of the universe’s largest collective. But, sabotage is only one of the things Earth’s government has to hide.
The Coalition has its own secrets and reasons for wanting human women in space. It hasn’t spent fifty years working towards its goal just for the sake of equality, and Human women have their own parts to play in the future of the Coalition. Without them planets will fall, species will die, and war is inevitable.
Forced into positions that will ensure the failure of the trial, the women of Earth tenaciously cling to their dreams of life in the stars. As conspiracies and deceptions swirl all around them and it seems like every species of the Coalition has its own agenda, the women find a powerful ally on their side.
Destiny ensured them a position in space and has plans for all of them, and not even Earth’s ruling government can stop the inexorable pull fate has on these women’s lives, but first they must survive long enough to meet their future.

Book 1